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Pilnstikla Studija SIA

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Heat-strengthened glass doors are the glass-block structures which are generally made of the heat-strengthened glass. Traditional glass doors or, for example, operable glass doors or also glass doors with closing functions are available for your free choice. Recommended sizes, which are used according to the standard when producing glass doors, are up to 2.2m high and 0.9m wide; however using for example, glass 12mm thick and especially applicable hinges and mechanisms, it is possible to produce tremendous glass doors taking as basis that the manufactured glass doors to be physically got into the premises where they should be installed. We produce the following glass doors: glass doors in the aperture or glass doors in the box, single doors, two-leaved doors, shower glass doors, sauna glass doors, folding glass doors, operable glass doors, glass doors with the closing mechanism, glass doors with the electric stopper mechanism, automatic opening and closing mechanism driven glass doors. It is possible to use an unimaginable variety of the glass accessories or fittings (hinges, handles), which are available for us directly from the leading glass accessories producers from Italy, France, Germany and Singapore.